Specialized container washing machine

About KyoDo

KyoDo aims to be
a niche company that responds to the smallest of customer needs.

KyoDo is a company where all employees work as one and continue to take on challenges. In the spirit of “learn from the old, know the new,” we are constantly challenging ourselves to become a niche leader in the industry through the creative ideas of our younger employees and the experience and perseverance of our veteran employees. We are always striving to meet the needs (niche) of our customers, and we hope to be a company that is said to be a treasure house of small know-how. We do not do anything difficult. We value the accumulation of simple and small challenges in our daily work.

About the development of washing machines

It is a matter of course that washing machines can wash clean and fast.
At KyoDo, we are constantly striving to improve our washing machines to make them easier for our customers to use.

  • Saving Manpower, Energy, and Space
    KyoDo’s three eco-friendly initiatives
    Manpower saving…Washing machines that can be operated by one person
    Energy saving…Washing machines that do not waste energy
    Space saving…Washing machines that make effective use of space
  • Simple Design
    Under the motto “hard to break,” “easy to fix,” and “easy to understand,” we strive to design machines that are easy to maintain, durable, and simple to operate.
  • High Washing Performance
    We have worked on developing washing machines to hear people say, “There is no stain that cannot be removed by KyoDo washing machines.” We continue to take on the challenge of removing stains that other companies have given up on.

About Our Support Services

1Support before ordering

Our professionals on washing machines check the washing items and the environment at your site.
We will propose the perfect washing machine for your site.

Our washing professionals will always visit the site and propose not only the machine but also its operation. In the stain removal experiment using a demo machine, we repeat washing tests until you are satisfied with the results. We will support you with our 40 years of experience and enthusiasm.

2Support until delivery

Customized for each item to be washed.
We can remove even the most stubborn stains that cannot be removed with off-the-shelf products.

KyoDo does not mass-produce the same model because it is made to the customer’s specifications. We flexibly design the most effective nozzle tip arrangement, conveyor width, and height for the stain, and propose a one-of-a-kind washing machine.

3Post-delivery support

Post-delivery support ensures peace of mind even after delivery.
We will come to you immediately from our nationwide service locations.

We have our own customer management and maintenance structures in place, and we strive to provide prompt and courteous service. All parts are made in Japan, and we keep major parts in stock for quick delivery. We offer regular maintenance plans so that our customers can use our washing machines with confidence. Please contact our sales staff for details. We can respond from our nationwide service locations.

If you need more details, please don't hesitate to ask me.