Specialized container washing machine

Product information

Container washing machine

    • Mithra・KR
    • Batch-Type Container Washing Machine
    • This batch-type container washing machine is designed for one-person operation. It is more durable and easier to use than the gun-type cleaner (high-pressure washer).
    • Processing capacity
      30–150 containers/hour
    • Kyseries
    • Ultra-Compact Container Washing Machine
    • Despite its high-speed washing of 600 pieces, this machine can be installed in a small space due to its minimal design of 1870 mm × 800 mm.
    • Processing capacity
      620 mm containers: 200–1,000 pieces/hour
    • KCF/NCF series
    • Straight-Type Washing and Drying Machine
    • High-temperature washing (60–85°C) and high-temperature drying (100°C) are integrated into one unit, enabling speedy and hygienic cleaning.
    • Processing capacity
      620 mm containers: 200–600 pieces/hour
    • KUD series
    • U-Turn Type Washing and Drying Machine
    • The U-turn type conveyor makes it possible to install this washing and drying machine in places where there is not enough depth to place a straight-type machine.
    • Processing capacity
      620 mm containers: 200–500 pieces/hour
    • KP series
    • Ultra-High Pressure Container Washing Machine
    • This container washing machine is capable of ultra-high-pressure jets of up to 4 Mpa. Even stubborn stains on the container can be removed with a powerful jet.
    • Processing capacity
      620 mm containers: 150–700 pieces/hour

Container Washing Machine Optional Units

A variety of optional units are available to make the use of KyoDo container washing machines more convenient.

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