Specialized container washing machine

Product information

Container washing machine

KyseriesUltra-Compact Container Washing Machine
Processing capacity
620 mm containers: 200–1,000 pieces/hour

Target location

This washing machine is used in food factories, logistics companies and plant factories that process medium.

quantities and require washing capacities of approximately 100 to 600 pieces per hour.
The machine can be used for food trays, containers, plastic mesh containers, industrial waste containers, molds, plastic mesh trays, grease filters, germination trays, hydroponic panels (pallets), nursery boxes, and other plastic and metal containers. The machine can handle a wide range of washed items, from plastic containers to metal containers (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).


This container washing machine has an ultra-compact design made possible by its powerful washing capabilities.

The combination of direct-jet nozzles (impact force) to remove stubborn stains and wide-angle nozzles (water volume) to wash away grease and dust provides cleaning performance without the need for pre-washing. In addition, the optional U-turn conveyor allows continuous operation by one person.

Washing of KyoDo



Model No. of pieces processed /hour *620 mm container Dimensions(mm) Electrical power Required water flow rate (liters/min) Steam consumption (3 kg/cm2)
*Gas type and electric type are also available.
KY-3 200–700 1,870 × 800 × 1,230 3-phase 200 V
2.4 kW
18 90kg/h
KY-5 200–700 2,000 × 920 × 1,290 3-phase 200 V
3.9 kW
18 100kg/h
KY-33 300–1,000 3,000 × 1,100 × 1,270 3-phase 200 V
4.6 kW
18 120kg/h

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